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Get the Gear, Tools and Supplies to help you succeed! Links below.

The below product referrals come from poultry enthusiasts who DO or HAVE actually used them*


For Hatching & Brooding


For Growing &



For Culling &



** Affiliate programs offer additional funds to the club, if purchases are made through the links listed below. Every effort was made to source from small businesses located in the US**
(unless otherwise noted)

Manna Pro 360
Incubator - 22 egg Capacity


The Manna Pro Harris Farm 360 incubator is one of the highest rated table-top units available. With the 360 view it's easy to see who's hatching!

Prices range from $150-$180 online through various shopping choices.

An excellent choice for just starting out or for small hatch sizes.

HovaBator 1588 Deluxe Kit - 42
egg Capacity


I myself have used both the Hovabator 1588 and the 1602 models with much success.

Simple to operate, well insulated and just enough viewing space to see what's happening inside.

Prices range from $140-$250 depending on model and kit configuration.

Brinsea Ovation 56 EX - 56
egg Capacity


The Brinsea is a well known brand for reliability and consistency, with a range of model types and sizes. The 56 EX is the most popular size for the hobbyist scale.

While more costly, starting at $499+ for the 56 capacity, the difference is in the airflow, for a more consistent temperature across all of the eggs. With an even temperature, all eggs will develop evenly.

Hatching issues? Use any of these links for helpful troubleshooting guides.

Chick Grit with
Probiotics - 5lb


When chicks are receiving forage or treats in addition to their starter feed, Grit is essential as their digestive aid. The gizzard grinds their food and access to grit is a vital part of that process.

This type is coated with Probiotics, for an extra little boost!

Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder Plate
35 Chick Capacity


Brooder plates are considered to be a much safer option than the heat lamps and high wattage bulbs. This brand will not disappoint!

One plate will warm up to 35 chicks. Adjustable height can grow with the chicks!

*Helpful tip* - Shop in Fall, after the busy season, for lower prices on hatching supplies!!

Elevated Chick
1.5L Drinker &
1lb Feeder


The elevated Chick sized drinker has the much appreciated added bonus of adjustable legs, with 3 different height settings. Adding height as the chicks grow helps keep the water MUCH cleaner!

The feeder has the typical access ports that reduce feed waste. Red is the best color to use, to aid in drawing the attention of the chicks to their food and water sources.

Tips, tricks and guides to brooding baby Chicks successfully.


Nutri-Drench Poultry Vitamins

4oz -

1 qt-


Nutri-Drench poultry vitamins are high quality and helpful to keep on hand. It's good for stress management after shipment or flock changes, gives a boost to birds that may be acting off and it can help treat birds that may be showing a deficiency.

You can also use it as a matter of routine, once every 2 to 3 weeks for 3 days each time.

Prices vary by bottle size.

NuBiotic 4x
Oregano Oil

16 oz-


Oregano Oil as a drinking water additive was first tried out in commercial poultry operations, to take the place of unsustainable antibiotics.

It has now become more widely available to smaller flocks and I have seen first hand how useful it can be for their immune system and gut health.

Prices tend to fluctuate.

For larger batches of baby chicks or growing flock plans, check out these other products for bigger flock scale!


Now that your chicks are started, what will you need for the rest of their growing out?

All you really need is clean, safe and spacious living quarters, fresh water, high quality feed, a small amount of emergency care supplies and the patience to watch them grow.

Water Cups

7 Pack


I install these cups into food grade 5g buckets (with a screw-on lid) for seasonal use. If they are able to freeze, the water will not refill. We have not yet found a way to heat them for outdoor conditions.

When installed at chest height for the birds, in a position where there is no roosting above, these cups ensure fresh water, always!


4 Pack


Easily turn the receptacle of your choice into a bulk feeder! 


You can choose if you want this 4-pack to come with or without the bit required to drill the hole for install.

The red color will be more attractive to the birds than other color options.

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